Vă puteți simți confortabil fiind voi înșivă și entuziasmat de lucrurile pe care le-ați iubit și de a găsi pe cineva care să-l împărtășească. Aceasta înseamnă că vă puteți defini oricum doriți și, în acest caz, punctul de plecare este ceea ce vă aflați. Am început să merg la convenții și am întâlnit atât de mulți oameni buni, care trăiau un stereotip și stigmă care era complet falsă. Will you go after the bad boy, the class president or the geek?

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New episodes are made available regularly. Collect the outfits and illustrations, flirt with your favorite crush and participate in the events! A new school, a new life, new friends… Or even more!

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Will you go after the bad boy, the geek dating app president or the geek? In Campu Life, juggle between classes and your part-time job. There are many places in which you can discover the person of your dreams!

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Your adorable coworker, the rockstar you fell out of touch with, your old high school friend, or even a forbidden romance… Many profiles with different attitudes and stories! Learn to get to know the characters by spending time with them. Find out what they like and make your choices in consequence.

Dress your avatar with the clothes you get in the game, at the boutique or during special events! Play exclusive mini-games and unlock the new outfits and illustrations!

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The strong points of the game - Two otome games in one application - All your choices have an influence on your love story - A dating sim complete with many characters that you can flirt with - A multitude of secondary intrigues to deepen your experience Noutăți.