Magheru nr. Cinema movies are packed in metal or wood boxes.

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General packing conditions In order to be accepted in the postal network, the mail items must fulfill the following packing conditions: items must be inserted by the sender in an undamaged package no cracks or clefts which must comply with the weight, form and nature of the content as well as universal dating pack online the method and duration of the transportation and must be easy to handle; the packaging and closing of the postal mailing must protect its content so that it can not be damaged by pressure or consequent handlings and it may not mix up with the content of other postal mailings, and the spark online de dating to the content must be impossible without the spoliation action to be visible; the metallic paper clips which serve at closing the mailings must not be pointed nor hinder the performance of the postal service; it is forbidden to apply to the postal mailings other labels than those regarding the postal services or reusable postal stamps and labels.

Specific packing conditions according to the content Single piece objects having pointed or sharp sides: e.

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Any rubbing or impact, either between the objects, or between the objects and the box walls, during transportation must be prevented; Liquids and liquefiable items must be placed in sealed containers.

Each container must be placed in a special resistant universal dating pack online, provided with proper protection material, in a sufficient quantity so as to absorb the liquid in case the container breaks. The cap of the box must be secured properly in order to prevent it from opening; Greasy hardly liquefiable items such as: creams, soft soap, resins, etc.

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Dry coloured powders such as: aniline blue, are not admitted unless packed in metal boxes perfectly sealed, placed in resistant boxes or wood crates, having absorbing and protecting material between the puerto rican guys dating site packages. Dry non-coloured powders must be placed in resistant, waterproof containers boxes, sacks which must be placed also in a solid box or wood crate.

Live bees must be placed in special boxes in order to avoid any danger. Leeches and parasites, accepted only for international mail, must be similarly packed.


Cinema movies are packed in metal or wood boxes. Equipment, electronic or precision components, musical instruments e. Precious metals must be packed in a resistant metal box or in a wood case which must have a minimum width of 1 cm for parcels weighing up to 10 kg and of 1,5 cm in for parcels weighing over 10 kg. The package may be made of two sacks with no stiching between them, forming one double package.

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When counter plated wood cases are used, their width must be limited to 5 mm, provided that the edges are hardened by angle irons. Organs universal dating pack online anatomic parts sent for analyses must be packed in an inner pack of sealed metal boxes, inserted in wood crates filled with absorbing material sawdust, cotton, paring, etc.

Only the items sent to analysis laboratories shall be admitted.

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In case of suspicions regarding the content, the opening of the box is requested upon posting, and if the sender refuses, the item is rejected. Furs or unprocessed rodent skins shall be posted in common packages.

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The sender must present the veterinary certificate accompanying the item which must be submitted to the addressee. The transportation of winter trees Christmas trees and spruces or ornamental trees may be possible only if accompanied by legal deeds such as: receipt or invoice from the selling unit. These items are accepted only for domestic mail. Fresh fruit apples, pears, quinces, etc. Specific packing requirements for insured value mail items In order to be accepted within the postal network, the insured mail items insurred content must fulfill the following conditions: 1.

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To be manufactured so that they can not be spoliated except by affecting the packing or the seals. To be properly sealed, on the envelope closing flap or x-shaped, on all sides, for envelopes, boxes or rolls, without covering the areas necessary for applying the writings or labels, as follows: someecards mă dorește a fine adherent band, individualized, which shall bear a print or a special uniform mark of the sender; with a transparent adhesive band applied over the area where the sender has previously signed from 8 to 8 cm maximum.

To be sealed with wax seals, ink or other printing methods or with a sign of the sender; in this case, the distance between the seals must not exceed 4 cm for envelopes, respectively 8 cm for boxes or rolls. To be sealed so as the wax, ink or lead seals should be clearly and fully printed. If the mail item is sealed according to the provisions of paragraph 2 and is tied with a x-shaped band, it is not necessary vreau dating online seal the band also.

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Mail items presented as boxes must fulfill the following additional conditions: the boxes must eufaula dating made of wood, metal or plastic material, which must be resistant; the walls of the wood boxes must have a minimum thickness of 8 mm; the undersides and uper sides must be covered in white paper in order to write the addresses of the sender and addressee, the insured value and to apply the proper labels of additional services; these boxes must be sealed on all the 4 sides as it is mentioned at paragraphs 2 - 4; if universal dating pack online boxes are equipped with special locks, the sealing shall be applied only on the locks.

The mail items sent as cases shall be sealed in the place provided for this purpose, on the caps; for metallic cases with special locking systems, the rope shall be inserted through the locking system, a double knot shall be made and the label — address shall be attached, and the ends of the rope shall be sealed using wax or lead bearing the print or special mark of the sender.

If universal dating pack online mail item is presented as a metallic case, suitcase, container, bag and is provided with a special locking system, the sealing shall be applied only on the locking and if it is provided with a special locking and sealing system, the mail items shall be sealed by a single wax or lead seal, applied on the ends of the band. During processing, the mail items packed in cardboard boxes are sealed by an individualized or transparent adherent band applied on the closing flap of the box, round the box, as well as an x-shape or net, according to the volume, content and weight.

On a mail item it is permitted to inscribe only the coordinates of one sender and one addressee.

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On letter mail items, printed papers and direct mail, the address of the addressee is written on the upper left corner of the envelope. Mail items presented as envelopes, the sender may write his address on the envelope closing flap. Methods of writing the address on the mail items The addresses must be written correctly, completely and legibly, so that the mail items could be delivered at destination or returned to the sender; the writing shall not be in crayon or other writing instruments that do not assure the requested printing quality.

The addresses must be compactly written, without spaces between the letters and without spaces, on the length of the mail item. The addresses shall be written in Latin and Arabicwithout erasures, corrections or bolding. The name of the destination locality and, as the case may be, the name of the country of destination, shall be written with capital letters.

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Mail items accepted without being packed or packed in a material that does not allow the writing of the address and observations in question, the address shall be written on a self-adhesive label or on a paperboard or plate support, which shall be tightened to the item in question. In order to fill out the addresses, the senders may create their own stamps containing the necessary information and may apply them on the mail item in the places provided in this respect.

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If the destination country uses other writing characters, it is recommended that the address is also written in those characters. Gheorghe Nicolae at Petrescu Ilie, followed by the latter's address ; in the case of "General delivery" mail items: recipient's full name shall be written according to the personal information on the ID card and the point where the delivery must be picked up from, the postal code and the countywritten within the address; in the case of mail items sent to the "P.

Box " there shall be written: recipient's full name, the point where the PO Box is rented, number of the PO Box, postal code and county; in case of mail items sent to an undisclosed PO Box, it is not necessary to write the full name ; in the case of mail items sent to military units, full name shall be preceded by the military rank and number of the military unit, contact point, postal code and the destination county.

There shall not be admitted insured mail items contents insurance addressed to recipients whose addresses contain the names written with initials.